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A happy family being treated by a general dentist in Louisville, COAt Louisville Family Dental, we put you and your loved ones first. Our top quality dentistry services are tailored towards helping you and your family achieve lasting oral and overall wellness. General dentistry services are vital for the maintenance of a healthy, happy smile. We believe that the best way to solve a dental issue is to keep it from happening in the first place. Our general dentistry services focus on preventative care and maintenance, and helping patients develop good habits that will aid them throughout their lives.

Some of our general dentistry services include:


  • X-rays and Checkups – Regular x-rays and dental checkups are a vital part of preventative care. By checking your teeth frequently, we can spot potential dental issues before they start, or detect dental problems in their earliest stages, when they are the most easy to treat. We recommend patients schedule a regular appointment every six months.
  • Dental Hygiene – we offer professional dental cleanings to our patients every six months, or more frequently if necessary. Dental cleanings allow us to remove tartar or plaque buildup that could cause dental problems if left unchecked. A dental cleaning is important for patients who want to maintain great oral health. With regular dental cleanings we can help fight periodontal disease, cavities, and other dental issues.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings – All patients aged 16 and older receive an oral cancer screening with every clinical exam. It is a routine part of our effort to look out for the well-being of our patients. Oral cancer is a devastating condition that can be very dangerous if left untreated. The key to successful oral cancer treatment is to diagnose the condition as early as possible. With annual oral cancer screenings, we can help protect you and help you feel more secure in your overall health.

To find out more about the general dentistry services that are available, or to schedule an appointment, call us at our office today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you improve your smile.


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